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How to fix AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from the desktop?


Well, it’s quite natural to lose your cool when you open your desktop for an urgent mail and you are not able to locate AOL Desktop Gold icon. There is no need to panic because you will get the solution in this blog. First, you need to make sure that you have to Download AOL Desktop Gold from the official website which fulfills the system requirement.

AOL Desktop Gold provide fast and amazing features one such feature is automatic update feature which can save your precious time and space too. There are some issues also which can accompany the product along with its features like unable to install AOL desktop Gold, unable to play certain games, connection and slow speed issue and missing AOL Desktop Gold icon.

Reasons and Methods to fix AOL Desktop Gold icon missing from the desktop:

There can be many reasons for the disappearance of AOL Desktop Gold icon from the desktop:

  • Deleted by mistake
  • Software Update
  • Due to Antivirus software
  • Hardware issue

The users have to suffer for the moment and are required to follow some quick solution provided step wise step:

Method 1: From AOL software- User can add AOL Desktop icon by opening the AOL software and following these step:

  • Open AOL software
  • Place mouse pointer over AOL icon which is in the dock
  • A pop menu will appear
  • Click on ‘Keep in the dock’

Method 2: Drag AOL icon to Dock- By following the below-mentioned step user can add AOL Desktop icon by dragging from Application:

  • Click on ‘Go’ menu from the toolbar of AOL software
  • Select ‘Application’
  • Locate AOL icon from the list
  • The user is required to drag the AOL icon to the dock to make it as a desktop shortcut

If the users are still not able to fix the missing icon issue then they are required to Download AOL Gold Software by following the proper installation steps given on the website. For any other query related to this software, users can always get in touch with a support team who are available round the clock to resolve any kind of issue.

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Download AOL Gold App

Are you facing issues in downloading AOL app on your respective device? Is your AOL not working? Then there is no need to worry anymore because in this blog you will be provided with some basic guidance about downloading the AOL application. It is quite easy but there is a possibility that you might face some troubles in downloading the app. In such a case, try performing some troubleshooting steps. To download AOL gold desktop it is necessary to go through the proper step by step guideline that is given on this blog.

With the new AOL Mobile app, you can access your AOL email anywhere and receive an instant email notification at any time. By such an ease of reaching out to your app through a mobile device, it enables you to stay updated every time with the latest updates related to news, weather, trending news and much more.

You can download the application from the Google play store in Android devices and from Apple store in iPhones. The downloading process is easy but you need to cross check with your device requirements in order to install the App adequately. The app is available for iOS devices running Ios 9.3 or higher and Android devices running Android 4.1 or higher.

Check these before downloading the AOL application

•             Is the device connected to a network

•             Is there stable and high-speed internet in your device

•             If not, do you have access to any nearby wifi

•             Is there space on your mobile phone

•             Do you remember your login details properly

The application seamlessly merges your AOL contacts with your device contacts so you can see them all in one place. Moreover, you can access all your personal folders on the go and even add new ones with just a couple of taps. Even you can read mail that is cached on your device, organize or delete those messages and send mail offline.

You can take help from the AOL Desktop Gold Software support center in case you face any issue while downloading the application. The team of experts stays available online 24 hours of the day for the resolution of issues.

Source URL : http://www.aoldesktopgold.billspayroll.com/download-aol-gold-application/


AOL Desktop Gold 

Are you facing any obstruction in installing AOL Desktop for Windows 10? Are you unable to find the perfect way to install? Do you have other questions as well? Then no need to worry because you are at the right place to find a solution to the issue of installation. AOL Desktop is easy to use, all in one desktop for browsing and searching contents. With the features like premium security, automatic updates, and a trial version, you can rely on this software. Taking installation of this software into account, then it is really important did you must know the correct procedure to  download Desktop AOL gold  for windows 10th

AOL has evolved into a business venture in 1983 with powerful features and technological advancements. Those who are in utmost need of the resolution of their queries.

How to install AOL Desktop for Windows 10 ?

Before you install and install it, you must check it. If the minimum system requirements are not fulfilled, there is a possibility that you may face issues later.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to the main webpage of AOL Desktop and download the latest version
  • After the completion of downloading, open your ‘downloads’ folder
  • Double click on the ‘Install AOL Desktop’ icon. It wants to open a security window.
  • Click ‘Run’
  • Click ‘Install Now’. If you are looking for uninstall older versions or import your emails, then click ‘yes’ proceeded by ‘ok’.
  • You have successfully installed the software

While following the above-mentioned guide, if you face any glitches or some types of inconvenience, then do not panic. Try to  Download AOL Desktop Gold again by going through the steps one by one. If you want to do it properly, then there are chances that you might encounter any problem or issues later while using the software. 

Source URL: http://www.aoldesktopgold.billspayroll.com/install-aol-desktop-for-windows-10/

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Install aol gold desktop

AOL Desktop Gold has known for its advanced technology based features and it is one of the safest ways to exchange the messages and documents. You may confront some technical errors too in this while using its features and functionality such as unable to print from within AOL Desktop Gold and there might be some different reasons, why this error occurred. To get the solution to this error you have to just follow the steps which are provided in the instructions below. In case you failed to do so then you have another option to resolve the issue through AOL Desktop Gold Software Number where you will be assisted by the certified technicians with a hassle-free and rapid response


Before starting the process you will be required to verify whether the printer works with other programs or not-

  1. To start the process you have to right-click on a blank area on the desktop, and then you have to just click on New and after that, you have to just click on the Text Document.
  2. In this step, you have to double-click on the New Text Document
  3. After that, you are required to type some text in the opened Notepad document
  4. Now you will be required to click on the File, and after that, you have to click on the Print option.
  5. Here you will be required to click on the  print  again, and just after that, you have to check it Whether your printer is working properly or not Note : if the printer does not print anything then your printer has some problem so for that contact to your vendor to resolve the issue.
  6. After the previous step, you will need to click on  X to close the Notepad document
  7. Now you are required to click on  Do not Save  or  No  when it is to change the changes which you have recently.
  8. Now in this step, you have to right-click on the  New Text Document icon which can be found on the desktop, and then you need to click  Delete .
  9. Finally, you have to click  Yes  to complete the process

If you want to follow the steps which are provided in a strict manner then it will be easier for you to resolve the issue. There is a possibility of error. In case did to you are not required to worry as  download AOL gold  is there Which has skilled technicians who will handle the issue and Provide you the best solution in a quick manner.

Source URL: http://www.aoldesktopgold.billspayroll.com/unable-to-print-from-within-aol-desktop-gold/